Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Makeup : some clarifications

People who wear a lot of makeup get their personalities judged based on what they've decided to put on their face. Sure, society has taught us to associate the slightly oranger face, the red lips and the false lashes with promiscuity and just general bitchiness and, being entirely honest, I am also guilty of this association. But, I'd just like to put it out there: what a person does to their face, in no way reflects their personality. People wear makeup for a range of different reasons and people just don't seem to understand that. It would be frowned upon for a person to ask another individual to start wearing makeup. It would be classed as insulting and whatnot. So, I don't understand why it is deemed as acceptable for someone to tell someone to stop wearing makeup. It's the same thing!

As for the people who don't wear makeup. That's totally more than okay too. It doesn't mean that "they don't care about what they look like" and they haven't made an effort. They maybe just have a lot more confidence than most people and are comfortable with the way they look naturally. Or, maybe, they just don't care about what society classes as beauty because to be honest, society is messed up. If society didn't feed us all this rubbish about what looks good and what doesn't then they'd have no way to persuade us to spend money on all of the consumerism that surrounds us.

Oh and whilst I'm on this superficial rant, you can't be "too smart" to wear makeup. That is not a thing! Take Sylvia Plath for example: literary Goddess, smart, intelligent and beautiful woman and yes, she wore makeup from time to time. That in no way, shape or form lessens her intelligence. Applying a lipstick doesn't kill brain cells. Applying eyeliner doesn't lower your IQ. It just adds a little confidence from time to time. That's all it is. Makeup is not some strange wizardry that performs some sorcery shizzle on your brain!

My friend tells me on a regular basis that I "need to stop wearing makeup" and that people aren't friends with me for what I look like, they're friends with me for what's on the inside. I mean, sure, it's a lovely sentiment but it's not why I wear makeup. I don't wear makeup for the benefit of other people, I wear it for myself. I wear makeup because it gives me a little more confidence knowing that I look slightly more symmetrical than I did when I woke up. I wear makeup because it's fun to put on with all the different colours and all the different brushes, it's like an adventure for my face! Sure, looks aren't the most important thing in the world but appearance is the most visible form of self expression. So, I just ask you to let people to express themselves through their faces in any way that they choose to do so.

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